Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal Organization Contributes to Success

I participated in a series of radio shows on organizing and this particular segment focuses on the look and feel of personal organization. To be organized is a state of mind. I think once a person gets the connection of physical space and their mind then getting or being organized is easier to achieve. Being organized requires some changes to habits and behaviors, and it takes a conscious effort to maintain systems that support daily routines both personally and professionally.

There are so many benefits to striving for the organized mindset...some of which are reclaiming time, increasing productivity, improving physical and mental health, and improving clarity of thought. How many times do we all find ourselves reacting instead of planning out our priorities for the day? Having an organized mindset allows for more of a sense of control over work and life.

Okay, now tell me you don't want to try to have more time, more control and more happiness? Please listen to the interview to find out more.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What It Means to Be Organized

I was interviewed recently about the benefits of organizing and how important it is for individuals to develop a personal organizing system that provides the foundation for success both personally and professionally. This will be part of a series - more to follow.