Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lice Free and Decorated for the Holidays!

We have had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with a lice infestation in my daughter’s class room at school. This means of course, she has brought them home. To get rid of them is a bear because not only do you have to spend hours cleaning and combing through the infected head to try to find the nits (lice eggs), but you have to clean and remove from the environment everything that mirrors hair (blankets, rugs and of course the plethora of stuffed animals)! So, the good news is we have been lice free for several weeks now (though they are still in her classroom).

With the mild weather we had a few weeks ago it seemed like everyone in our neighborhood decorated for the holidays early. I like decorating our home for Christmas, but because we get a live tree, we can’t decorate too early. My husband took the many holiday bins down from our attic right after Thanksgiving (ugh!), and I have been dealing with the wall of bins for a few weeks now. We got our tree last Saturday and finally put our decorations up!

The other day I was in our basement and I looked out to our screened in porch and saw several large bags and then remembered they were full of stuffed animals from my daughter’s room and the lice saga. I decided I would try to see if she could part with some of them discussing the importance of the gift of charity and the need to think of others. Low and behold my little six year old was up for donating, but also making a little money too. She negotiated $2.00 from me (okay, I got off easy), and gave away two full bags of stuffed animals to the Lupus Society! She still has way too many stuffed animals in her room, but at least she sorted them and the ones she is keeping she treasures for different reasons.

As we enter the season where we will be adding many new things to our homes, it is always helpful to remember to remove 2-3 items for everything added. If you can do a quick sort and purge now in each room in your home it will benefit you in several ways. It’ll help get your home ready for the holidays and company and also prepare space for the new things you may be bringing in or receiving as gifts.

Good luck as you wrap up the year and get ready for the holidays.