Sunday, August 5, 2018

Worst Linen Closet Ever

Access to our attic requires dismantling our linen closet in order to get to out of season clothes and decorations. All of the closets in our home are small, and we don't have a garage, so unfortunately we do need to store some bins in the attic. Over the years, I have culled down the bins and have encouraged us all to move towards an all season wardrobe, with fewer clothes, so that we store less up there.

Getting my daughter ready for sleep-away camp, and not finding her plastic travel soap dish that I thought was in her travel bag in the linen closet, forced me to yet again reorganize our mess of a linen closet. I took everything out and purged old linens, towels, threw out expired over the counter medicine, and grouped everything I was keeping by category. I went from open baskets to closed plastic boxes that will keep everything contained better (if my kids use the lids), and allow for easy removal when we need to access the attic.

Though I never found her plastic travel soap dish for camp, I did end up with a much improved linen closet that still isn't optimum, but is a lot more pleasant to use.

Before -

After -