Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why the hiatus from writing? Like most people I too procrastinate and push things of lesser priority, or I don't want or enjoy to do, to the bottom of my to do list. It hasn't been top of mind for me. However, with Thanksgiving on Thursday (how can that be?!), I thought I'd break my blogging fast to express how grateful I am to all my clients - those who have been with me for many years and those who are new clients. I am privileged to meet so many great people, and while I am hired as the organizing expert, I find we learn from each other. I sometimes take for granted the positive feeling I receive when a client is so excited about an outcome of a finished project, or seeing a client who was overwhelmed at the start of the process, be happy and content as a project wraps up. I get so much joy contributing to the process and am grateful for the opportunity to do what I do. May this Thanksgiving bring joy, and continued feelings of gratitude for all that we have in our lives to carry us through the busy holiday season and end of year. Happy Thanksgiving!