Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Stand Woes

My husband and I hold our breath each year when it comes time to place our Christmas tree in the stand, and we always hope that it is going to be a good, hassle free year for us. This year was a tough one getting our tree's trunk to go all the way down in the stand because it was too wide for it. Another issue we have had in the past is sometimes the trunk isn't tall enough to get close to fitting in the stand. We sometimes remember to talk about these issues with each other and the tree guy as we look at our selected tree, but inevitably we think the tree is fine and discover it isn't when it meets the stand.

I started to get flashbacks to last year when "we", I mean my husband, had to saw off many branches of last year's tree to get it to fit the stand. I remember thinking at the time that next year I'll remember to bring the stand so that we can have the tree guy saw off the right number of branches, instead of us doing it laboriously and with some difficulty.

Somehow my memory of our issues last year were forgotten when we picked out our tree this year, and we were dealt both tree stand issues. It was a bit of a struggle, but next year we won't have to deal with tree stand woes as I have marked the stand with permanent marker with the appropriate tree trunk dimensions to fit the stand.

Our tree is up and it is in the tree stand straight and now we just need to finish decorating it!

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