Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping Nirvana

What is the most exciting place for an organizer to hang out, relax, take in the sights and shop? Of course, The Container Store! I just got back from what I wanted to be a quick excursion to shop for a client, and pick up a few things for me, and of course it wasn't quick at all. We all know that there is no such thing as a quick in and out for an organizer in the mecca for organizing products. I find the Container Store to be an uplifting store, because the under-lying promise of a sense of order, stress reduction and control come with the purchase of the tangible products.

I found most of what I needed, and a very helpful associate brain-stormed with me some ideas for categorizing quilt patterns, (my whole reason for being there in the first place), for my client's quilt studio. Together we ended up thinking of an idea, that I can implement for my client, by buying a product at another store.

My shopping excursion also gave me many low-cost ideas for small gift and stocking stuffer presents for friends and family. They have some unique options that you won't necessarily find elsewhere. No, I don't get a kick-back from the Container Store...just a 10% discount that I pass on to my clients!

So, as you make your holiday gift lists and decide on your budget, think small, creative and be as practical as you can. We all have too much stuff, as is evident by the popularity of stores like the Container Store selling products to contain all of our stuff! Really, as trite as it sounds, the best gifts are those given from the heart and that are practical and truly needed.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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