Friday, January 7, 2011

Optimizing Storage So Your House Can Breath

If you are like me and you haven't put your seasonal decorations away yet, take a little time to take a peek this weekend (yes, we will do it this weekend) at what else is in your storage area and try to edit a little out. This exercise will help you use your storage space more effectively this year so that you don't dread it as much retrieving something you need out of there. You will have a sense of accomplishment knowing you didn't just cram the seasonal boxes up there like most of us usually do. Also, part of organizing any space, both storage or living, requires creating available space by making decisions of what to purge out because of condition, redundancy, or not needing or wanting it now.

I don't do this kind of inventory in my main storage space (our attic) every year, but this year I intend to, as it hasn't been done in awhile. Please read more about other reasons to organize your storage space in an article I contributed to a local on-line publication.

Good luck creating more storage space in your home. You will appreciate your efforts!

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