Friday, March 4, 2011

If Only I had a Garage....

I admit it, I am envious of people who have garages. Not because they can park their cars in them, but because they have all of that extra storage! There are so many amazing organizing systems for garages that I would love to utilize to organize all of my garage type clutter that ends up in our utility room, screened in porch or our shed.

We have edited down sports equipment, tools, seasonal toys and house and car maintenance clutter, but still it seems to grow overnight. I know I'm not alone in this quandary especially in my neighborhood where most of the houses don't have garages, we have sheds.

I do realize that though it appears like I have a lot of garage type items, I do regularly pare it down and I am always looking for new solutions to contain it.

When my husband and I worked with our architect on a small home addition, part of it included a screened in porch. I think she initially thought it was a little strange that I wanted 3/4 of one side of the porch to be storage closets. It has worked out nicely for us, because now instead of the utility room and outside shed exploding with stuff when we go in, it is more organized. We have outside toys in one of the screened-in porch closets and also in a resin gardening bench in the front of the house. All of these toys used to be in the shed which now has all of the tools and equipment to maintain our house...oh and our bikes...another challenge without a garage!

I guess I'm thinking of sheds and outside items because spring is around the corner. Also, I have started a walking regimen and last week when I walked in the neighborhood next to ours, where most of the houses have garages, some of the garage doors were open. I had to chuckle because there is no way 80% of the garages I saw could hold cars.

So whether we are blessed with garages or not, we all have to regularly go through our outside clutter, just like we do inside, so that we can actually park our car in our garage, or just dream about it, if we are one of the unlucky ones.

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