Friday, May 11, 2012

The Gift of More Sleep and Leisure for Mother's Day

I attended an organizing conference recently and I was struck by something I heard by one of the keynote speakers who said the way many of us live now is we regularly steal time from sleep and leisure to get everything done. She went on to say that over the long haul working too much can make us less productive and,if we give up too much of our leisure time, it eventually will catch up with us in the way of illness, sleep deprivation and effected mood. Most importantly, stealing time from sleep and leisure adversely compromises our quality of life. Hearing her presentation made me think of the time deficit we all seem to have these days due to advances in technology and the lines of work and home becoming less defined. I have the fortune to work with many great clients and many of them are moms. Moms who work outside of the home, Moms who don’t, all amazing wonderful, involved women, and what I’ve noticed, besides the fact that we all have the same stuff, is the uncompromising love we have for our children and families. Something else that is very clear is most of us are pressed for time and at times feel stressed and overwhelmed. The first thing I tell my clients when they are feeling this way is to do an audit of their schedule to determine if there is anything that can be deleted, deferred or delegated. I call this audit the 4 Ds and the last D is decide. We all need to decide how we are going to spend our available blocks of time. When we plan and make conscious decisions about time it is easier to say no to requests that can’t be scheduled now or defer or delegate issues that come up when we already have decided how we are spending our precious 24 hours. The second thing we usually do is focus on organizing the space where most time is spent. When clutter is purged along with it goes stress, negativity and wasted time. To honor all busy, wonderful moms this Mother’s Day I am offering a 10% discount off my 3-hour organizing audit to help you focus your energies where you want them to be and to make sure you are blocking out enough time for sleep and leisure. Happy Mother’s Day!

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