Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Spring Organizing Bug is Catching

It is a cold, dark April day and it feels like February. Though it is hard to think Spring on a day like today, it will eventually feel like Spring, and hopefully we will finally be able to put away our cold weather clothes. I know many of you have probably gotten the Spring cleaning itch, which for many of us includes going through our clothes, and other household items and donating or selling things that don't speak to us anymore. I do think many of us get the Spring organizing bug because we have spent many months inside and now it is an opportunity to throw open our windows and not only bring more light in, but make our rooms feel lighter.

Spring also represents a time for a restart to not only get our homes in order, but to refocus on goals that are important to us. I contributed to an Alexandria Living article on this very topic.

Another way to make our homes feel lighter is to process paper daily, or several times a week. Better yet, keep it out by getting e-statements and utilizing services, a good one is DMAchoice, to get off of junk mail lists. Spring time is a great time to go through files and put together a few bags of documents to be shredded. Take advantage of the many free, Spring shred days in our area. A good one is sponsored by my bank on April 21st from 9:00 - noon, Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union, on Eisenhower Avenue. It is open to the community and you don't need to bank there.

Happy Spring and happy organizing!

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