Friday, February 12, 2021

How Focus, Gratitude and Letting Go Lead to Greater Happiness and Productivity

My kids remind me regularly that the things that make me happy sometimes don’t make sense to them. I find contentment in having a picked-up house and to two teenagers I guess I understand in a way how that may seem odd. I believe that happiness and contentment is found by recognizing and feeling the little moments of joy. A little joy I had recently was organizing my food storage container drawer! I finally let go of all the containers and lids that didn’t have a matching partner. I eliminated the frustration of not finding the proper lid, by storing the lids to most of the containers next to or under each storage container. I donated the unwanted usable containers and was left with the ones I use for all my food storage needs. Paring down gives the drawer a little room and will help it stay organized. My quick February organization project ultimately saves time and takes the hassle out of food storage. Thanks to an article I read by positivity guru, Neil Pasricha, I am trying his happiness and productivity practice which is a quick check-in each morning to identify 3 things to focus on, recognize something I’m grateful for and establish something I plan to let go of. So far I’m on week three and I find it easy to do and well worth the less than two minutes it takes. I highly recommend it!

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