Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Out the Door On Time

Today is a rainy, dreary day and thank goodness my family's morning routine went picture perfect this morning. A lot of it is due to my planning ritual that takes place at night...clothes laid out for the next day, check; lunches made, check; homework done, check; in-bed on time, double check!! Sometimes the last thing I feel like doing at night is making lunches, but the next morning I'm always grateful that I did.

I'm a big believer in raising independent, self-sufficient kids and to that end, I will usually have my 8 year old help with cleaning up after dinner and making his lunch with me. I notice that my 4 year old daughter is so eager to pitch in so I gladly accept her efforts of assistance...some better than others. She is amazingly capable of picking out her own outfit to lay out the night before...sometimes with a little guidance on matching.

I find too, if I can impose the same planning ritual on my work schedule, I am much more effective the next day. I am in a much better position to work on my most important action, if I've already identified it the night before. I won't get side-tracked as easily checking e-mails and figuring out my top priority because I'll already know it.

I hope the rest of my day goes as well as my early morning. Here's to having a great, productive day...

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