Thursday, October 15, 2009

Procrastinating Again...

I know we all procrastinate, but as an organizer, I feel like I shouldn't procrastinate as much as it ends up happening! In my defense, I feel like the past few months have been jam-packed with additional work and personal obligations that have stretched my normal schedule into the crazed-busy zone. Even still, I laughed when I saw that I had written my first blog in July, but because I wanted to edit it, and make it better, I didn't post it until this week. The funny thing is I really didn't edit it that much. I think I let my anxiety of blogging get in the way of my goal, which was to just start my blog and let it evolve.

I work with many clients on their paperwork and it is a common issue after we have a system set up that seems to work, the paper coming in the home or office still piles up. Some of it may be that the client needs to change a habit or behavior that relates to the paperwork, but sometimes it is just due to procrastination. The paper may not be processed because the client feels that it is going to take longer than it will, or that it will be harder to do than it actually is, or that he can't do it because of other priorities.

I recommend doing the task you dislike most (maybe it is processing mail) first and then start working on your most important task/project for the day. If you can try this for a week, I guarantee that your stress level will go down and you will be able to face whatever you need to react to each day because your major priority will at least have been addressed.

Now that I have started blogging, I actually like it and I wish I hadn't stressed about it as much as I did these last few months.

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