Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feel Good Clutter Strategy

I find one of the easiest and best ways to manage clutter is to get on several charity call lists for donation pick-up service (see my resource page on my website, I receive at least 1 postcard a month from a charity asking if I could donate a bag or two of items on a specific date. The postcard is a notice indicating they will be in my neighborhood and it is a reminder to call for a pick-up. I think this pick-up service is a win-win opportunity for charities and also for individuals and families. The charities get some great items, hopefully in good condition, and we get to have an easy way to remove items from our homes that we no longer need.

Last night at 10:30 I moved out of my laundry room all of the bags I had collected over the last 2 weeks, filled with out grown clothes, toys and books my kids have aged out of, and other assorted items. By the time I got it all by the front door to go out this morning, I had 5 tall kitchen bags and 1 large box full of items.

My house feels a little lighter and I feel good that I am helping Lupus out. I have the Vietnam Veterans of America coming on November 24th and I'm sure I'll have a few bags for them.

Give this feel good clutter strategy a shot, and if you aren't receiving the postcards, get on the lists today.

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