Monday, November 9, 2009

A Preschooler's Logic

I had a good laugh Friday night as I was driving to Panera, to get a quick dinner with my kids, when I commented how pretty the Christmas trees looked at Lowe's. My daughter who is 4 said to me, "we need to tell them to take them down"! She went on to say that it was bad and she wanted to know why the trees would be up when we still have Halloween decorations up at our house. By the way, I do think our Halloween directions do need to come down. Her preschool, as most, really goes into detail for every holiday and in her mind November is Thanksgiving and talking about anything else that comes later doesn't make sense.

She of course is right in a way, and will understand when she gets older that consumerism drives the early onslaught of each and every holiday. It does seem to get earlier and earlier each year. I swear some stores had Halloween candy at the beginning of September.

I think the rushing of holidays and seasons feeds into the fast paced, crazy busy lives that we all lead. I think it is way too early to see Christmas trees and seeing them this early, as well as all of the holiday commercials on t.v., takes something away from a special time of year.

So, I do agree with my daughter, but I won't go say anything to the Lowe's manager. I do appreciate her logic and love that a young child sees very clearly that it doesn't make sense.

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