Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd Chance

I have spent many hours in the month of January down at the Alexandria ReStore and I've gotten to see first hand the many great items that have been donated from individuals, stores and contractors, that are no longer needed. I have also seen ReStore shoppers who see these same items as a great new addition to a room in their home. They are giving these used items a 2nd chance and the ReStore benefits by raising money for the NOVA Habitat for Humanity Building projects.

For the Wellness/Organizing Event held at the ReStore this past Saturday I put together a family room using their furniture, and then I brought in new storage pieces and accessories. I got a chuckle, while I was putting it together, because several shoppers were wanting to buy both the "old" furniture and the "new" accessories. As an organizer, I wanted people to see the multi-functionality of the pieces I had selected and see how adding some proper storage could make them function better. For the ReStore, I wanted to highlight what I viewed as being great pieces of furniture.

I am so pleased that the ReStore had great sales on Saturday and raised money from the event raffle. It was a great opportunity for me to talk with people who came to the event, and the other wellness professionals about the connection between getting organized and being healthy. Disorganization can increase stress and worry and adversely impact a person's health. Additionally, disorganization can contribute to financial stress by incurring late fees on bills not paid on time, making duplicate purchases and over buying.

A lot of what I do for clients is help them figure out what they no longer need in their space and if the items are in good condition, it is an opportunity to donate the items to a charity. This is the ultimate in recycling and repurposing when items are given a 2nd chance.

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