Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Organized in the New Year

January is the month that the National Association of Professional Organizers designates as "Get Organized Month". Most family/women's magazines feature a clutter buster or organization article since they realize most people have the innate desire to start the year fresh, organized and positioned to feel balanced.

As each year passes, I realize first hand, and through my clients, how getting organized can help us meet our New Year goals. Many of us have getting organized as a specific New Year's resolution, but really getting organized is the foundation to support whatever goals we have set for ourselves for 2010. I think the process of getting organized innately goes with our desire to have control, to get things in order and in its place before the onslaught of our busy year hits us.

The retail stores frame getting organized with buying the right organizing products or closet system. Though the right storage is important, there is a huge process a person has to go through to get organized. In my blogs in January I will focus on different aspects of getting organized.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars to come out to the Alexandria ReStore on January 23rd for the organizing/wellness event that Simplify for Life is co-sponsoring.

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