Monday, July 26, 2010

More About Frogs...

If you didn't see my post last week about frogs or procrastination, check it out first.

It is a universal phenomenon that people tend to think that their frog, or unfavorable challenging task/project is going to take too much time, so it sits on our task list as a priority of some sort, and time passes. We don't start it because we are waiting for a big pocket of time to open up in our crammed schedules. What ends up happening is, even if we don't think we are stressed about not doing it, we are, and adding more stress to ourselves is never productive.

What we need to do is just get started...even 10 minutes tackling it and maybe we'll discover that it really won't take as much time as we think. So really, as the folks at that famous sneaker place say, "Just Do It" and you will benefit ten-fold by reducing your stress level, increasing energy, happiness and productivity. You will have eaten a frog or two off of your task list and it won't taste too bad either.

Good luck!

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