Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School!

The best recommendation I can give as an organizer to get your kids in back to school mode is having them work with you to declutter their bedroom, playroom, and homework spaces. What does this have to do with school you ask? Going through this process has many benefits. Organizing is about making a space better, and making it function so that you can be your best. Productivity experts point to the connection of an organized space and its positive impact on productivity. As parents we want to make sure that we are giving our kids every necessary tool to be successful in school so that they can learn and achieve. I assure you this easy exercise of purging toys no longer wanted, clothes that don't fit, bits of paper and junk (2 garbage bags full in my 9-year old son's room) will help to that end.

Once the spaces are decluttered then make sure that your child knows where everything is suppose to go (make sure he/she is part of determining where things are kept). Then lastly, as you are purchasing school supplies, do an inventory of your child's homework space at home to make sure he/she has everything they need readily available.

So now that the environment is organized, talk with your children about rules, routines and expectations for the school year. This is always a positive thing to do and to together figure out ways to streamline routines. Having this discussion sets the stage for less conflict and less negotiation and hopefully less stress as our children start another school year.

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